Application Requirements


While we do set standards for admission, we also are flexible to accommodate for unique individuals.  We understand that GPA or number of Spanish semesters taken does not tell the whole story.  In short, we want to form diverse cohorts of exceptional and passionate individuals. 



  1. 2.75 GPA

  2. Four semesters of college Spanish, or we will conduct a video-conference interview in Spanish.  For us, the most important skills are speaking and listening.

  3. Completion of relevant coursework, such as, but not limited to: Development Studies, Sustainability Studies, Latin American Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Fine and Performing Arts, Education Studies, Social Entrepreneurship, etc

  4. Willingness to live and work outside of your comfort zone.  See photos on this page of life in the current counterpart communities (spring semesters are in the Amazon) and student living areas. Fall semesters are in Quito.

  5. Demonstrated interest in Community-Based Education, Experiential Learning and Decolonial Education.

  6. 2 to 3 letters of recommendation

  7. Scanned copies of all college transcripts

Our students tend to be those who say, “I want to make a difference.  I want to be part of something bigger,” yet are not sure how to do it, or don’t yet have the experience to go out and “change the world.” 

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Although we use the Arts as a predominant methodology, no experience is required. The vast majority of our students are not arts majors or minors. As one of our mentors (Augusto Boal) always says, "Anyone can act... even actors."

How to Apply


Applying for Rehearsing Change is not that hard, but it will take a bit of time. If you should have any questions during the process, please do not hesitate to send us an email or request that we call you. Of course, you can always call us. 

Email:  Telephone: 593-98-558-7581


Before you begin, please know that we cannot accept everyone who applies. We have a maximum of 12 open spots per semester, and very often accept less due to community characteristics. That being said, since our work requires a dynamic cohort of students, we treat our applicants with a personal touch and give every one of you our serious consideration. We are even willing to make exceptions for those who fall short of our requirements. 

Here are the steps for applying:


  1. Download the application by clicking the button below. Read through it very carefully and make sure that you understand all that is entailed by committing to a semester of Rehearsing Change. For example, we ask students to check boxes to acknowledge an understanding of certain challenges implied by living in the Amazon region. The application also gives you instructions to help you make sure that your home university will accept Rehearsing Change for credit. 

  2. Consult with your study abroad advisors to assure that you understand how credit will be transferred, payment is arranged, etc.

  3. Fill out the required pages, write your essay (or choose one of the other options), request letters of recommendation, etc. Most of the questions are straight-forward and easy. The only part that takes time is a short essay and requesting the letters of recommendation.

  4. Send us all materials via email. You should receive a confirmation email within 3 days of sending it to us.

  5. Rehearsing Change will make a decision within 2 weeks after our application deadlines (see below) to let you know if you are accepted.

  6. If you decide to join us for the semester, we will ask for a $500 deposit to guarantee your spot.  

Summer 2021 application deadlines:

Regular Admission: April 15 

Late Admission: TBA (early May)

Fall 2021 application deadlines:

Early Admission: March 15

Regular Admission: April 15 

Late Admission: TBA (early May)

Please see our Special COVID programming calendar for official dates.

Please send us an email with your questions.

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