We have a set of Core Values, the first of which is “community is respected and independent.” We approach our initial community work with slow deliberation, working for one to two years with a given community before we begin a semester of Rehearsing Change. We do our absolute best to make sure that community members know who we are as an organization, what our style of intervention implies (including potential risks) and by no means make promises we cannot keep.  Before beginning the Rehearsing Change program, each community receives international volunteers and short-term programs so that they better understand what our type of intervention implies. In other words, we can only achieve sustainability if our communities are full partners, making informed and autonomous choices during every step of the process.


You can read more about our current Amazon Rehearsing Change communities by clicking here. You can learn more about our Quito Rehearsing Change communities by clicking here.

See the kind of projects we do by watching the video, La Lucha.

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