Each month we publish a short newsletter. These archives take your through our organizational history 

Newsletter 71: "Programming Updates"

Learn about our ongoing online programming, new partnerships and announcements for fall 2021.

Newsletter 70: "Practicing Resilience"

How we at Pachaysana and some of our partners are practicing resilience in our programs and activism.

Newsletter 69: "Happy Winter Solstice"

Celebrating the end of 2020!

Newsletter 68: "From the Cracks"

We share our diverse programming (from online courses to podcasts) that are born "from the cracks" of systemic injustice.

Newsletter 67: "R(evolution)izing Online Education"

From our Oct workshops to our dynamic Spring virtual study abroad program, learn about Pachaysana's online programming.

Newsletter 66: "Back to School"

An update on our "back to school" work and what we are preparing for the future

Newsletter 65: "Re-storying our World"

Links to our ongoing workshops and writings about how Pachaysana is re-imagining education and community.

Newsletter 64: "Pachaysana's Online Workshops and Webinars"

Announcing our series of online "decolonial" education offerings.

Newsletter 63: "Celebrating Endings and New Beginnings"

Celebrating the end of a semester and welcoming virtual learning spaces.

Newsletter 62: "Healing our relationships with the earth and ourselves"

COVID-19 inspiring us to rethink how to live "in relationship," with examples from our on-line learning experiences.

Newsletter 61: "Holding Space for Complexity in Crisis"

Re-thinking Pachaysana during the COVID-19 global crisis.

Newsletter 60: "Rewriting Relationships"

Social change starts with relationships that are constantly de-constructed and re-constructed.

Newsletter 59: "Revolutionizing Study Abroad"

We look toward the future by reminding our friends and colleagues how we are transforming study abroad.

Newsletter 58: "Gratitude this Giving Season"

Taking a look back at our 2019 and being thankful for being able to do our work.

Newsletter 57: "Andean Cosmovision in a Globalized World"

We explore our relationship to Andean ways of seeing and understanding.

Newsletter 56: "El Paro Nacional: Stories of Resistance and Healing"

After nearly two weeks of national protests, in Ecuador, we explore how recent political and civic unrest relate to us and our work?

Newsletter 55: "The Weight we Carry: Intergenerational and Transmission Cycles"

How do we relate with our ancestors and how do they continue shaping our identity?

Newsletter 54: "Epistemic Justice: Valuing Different Ways of Knowing"

Re-thinking what knowledge is from the community perspective.

Newsletter 53: "Going Back to Basics: Freire and Pachaysana"

Exploring the relationship between Paulo Freire's theories and Pachaysana's actions.

Newsletter 52: "Being Fair-Trade in an Unfair World"

Re-imagining institutions to be more just, loving and empowering... for everyone.

Newsletter 51: "Linguistic Justice: You know what I mean"

Exploring the importance of language in our work with communities

Newsletter 50: "Coming back to community"

A deeper dive into what community means and how our work is interconnected with various communities.

Newsletter 49: "Self Care - Community Care: Let's talk about emotions"

How our emotional needs relate to our our work with communities and students

Newsletter 48: "Reciprocity Resolution"

What does reciprocity look like when set in action

Newsletter 47: "Meals to Mingas"

Our invitation for you to support Pachaysana and our community projects.

Newsletter 46: "Gratitude as Creative Action"

Saying “thank you” is a way we can make a difference in this world. 

Newsletter 45: "The practice of Decolonization... and October thing"

Every October we reflect on the colonial and decolonial nature of our identities.

Newsletter 44: "The Impact of Rehearsing Change"

Our new Rehearsing Change video and testimonials share the impact of our flagship program.

Newsletter 43: "Summer is no longer a vacation"

Read about our many summer 2018 projects

Newsletter 42: "El Power..."

A summary of our spring 2018 Rehearsing Change program.

Newsletter 41: "In Relationship"

Looking at our ongoing projects by thinking how we live with others.

Newsletter 40: "How fair is fair?"

Observing our work through the lenses of equality and equity

Newsletter 39: "From Cynicism to Hope"

Engaging in human curiosity! Our new year's wish for all of you.

Newsletter 38: "So many jungles... so few trees"

Our experiences in the Amazon help us rethink what knowledge is.

Newsletter 37: "Stories are Medicine"

Our latest endeavors explore the relationship between narrative, identity and health.

Newsletter 36: "Speaking out against hate"

Our words and deeds to confront hate, white supremacy and bigotry.

Newsletter 35: "Question, Dream, Learn..."

Read about our summer 2017 projects

Newsletter 34: "Practicing what we Preach"

A summary of our 2016-17 Rehearsing Change program.

Newsletter 33: "How to Grow a God"

Read about how Pachaysana grows the great narratives that inspire social change.

Newsletter 32: "Building the Movement"

Pachaysana is growing. Here we share our thoughts and concerns related to organizational growth.

Newletter 31: "¡We are Here: Estamos Aquí!"

Exploring how three words can affect real social change.

Newsletter 30: "Communities Transforming Conflict"

Learn about the many different projects that our partner communities are doing and how Rehearsing Change helps. 

Newsletter 29: "A look back at 2016"

Recognizing the work being done by communities, students, interns, alums and faculty.

Newsletter 28: "Indigenous People's Month - it has only just begun"

The struggle to make indigenous voices heard.

Newletter 27: "Naming Our World"

We can only change our world by first naming it. We look at this "naming" via our work in Ecuador and the USA

Newletter 26: "Celebrating our Cycle of Change"

How projects, communities and students must work together to make a difference.

Newletter 25: "Rehearsing Change concludes second semester"

A reflection on our latest semester of Rehearsing Change, with stories and testimonials.

Newletter 24: "The Pachaysana Family"

Recognizing the amazing people in Ecuador and abroad who give so tirelessly.

Newletter 23: "Rising from the Rubble: From Surviving to Living"

Our thoughts on the recent Ecuador earthquake and our role.

Newletter 22: "El Trueque: What is Cultural Exchange?"

A look into the practice and purpose of cultural exchange.

Newletter 21: "Revolutionary Education"

An update on our Rehearsing Change program and preview of the upcoming Fall 2016 semester.

Newletter 20: "On Radical Expression"

Being radically rooted and radically participatory in social change.

Newletter 19: "The Fisherman and the Gringo"

Looking at 2015... our reflections, celebrations and dreams.

Newletter 18: "The Creative Dialogue"

A look into what constitutes a dialogue and how we at Pachaysana practice the Creative Dialogue

Newsletter 17: "Decolonizing our Imaginations"

It is time to rethink how we do education and the first step is decolonizing it.

Newsletter 16: "Our Collaborations"

Pachaysana is only able to do so much because of our many partnerships. Read about our IFSA-Butler collaboration & more.

Newsletter 15: "Our Summer Projects"

Learn about some amazing community projects and the work of our volunteers and interns.

Newsletter 14: "Fair Trade Study Abroad is Possible!"

A summary of our pilot semester of Rehearsing Change, with statistics and evaluations.

Newsletter 13: "How you can contribute to Pachaysana"

A quick update on the Rehearsing Change program, as well as a few ways you can be part of the change.

Newsletter 12: "Stories make our lives matter"

A lesson on what makes our lives matter. Also, links to some photos of our Rehearsing Change program.

Newsletter 11: "Seeking balance through study abroad"

Some insight into the pilot of our semester-long Rehearsing Change program

Newsletter 10: "End of the Year Reflection"

A few words to sum up Pachaysana's work in 2014

Newsletter 9: "Rehearsing Change Goes on Tour"

An overview of our recent visits to universities and colleges in the USA. 

Newsletter 8: "Education for Community-Based Tourism"

A summary of the Final Report after a year-long project with the community of Mariscal. 

Newsletter 7: "Embracing Experience"

Stories from our recent interns and program participants. 

Newsletter 6: "Study Abroad that Makes a Difference"

How Rehearsing Change seeks to transform study abroad. 

Newsletter 5: "The Earth is our Life"

Our work with an indigenous community's stuggle to regain its ancestral lands. 

Newsletter 4: "Living Locally, Thinking Globally"

A closer look at the philosophy of our work. 

Newsletter 3: "Searching for Balance"

A close look into one of our short-term multicultural programs. 

Newsletter 2: "What is Rehearsing Change"

A more detailed introduction to our philosophy and methodology. 

Newsletter 1: "The Pachaysana Institute"

A general introduction to who we are. 

© 2014 by The Pachaysana Institute. 

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