Workshops can be short-term, introductory sessions of 1 to 2 hours or can be arranged as a series over the course of a weekend or several days. They can be applied to the social themes of your choosing, whether focusing on Ecuadorian/Latin American content or topics that more immediately impact the participants. 

Rehearsing Change: Arts and Community Development 


A series of participatory activities that introduce how the arts (with a focus on Theatre) can be applied to development, conflict transformation and social change. This workshop provides a sampling of the exercises we use in marginalized communities in Ecuador. The workshop can focus on methodology or take on a specific social theme. Depending on the length of the workshop, we may include any number of the following activities or exercises:


  • Small and large group Improvisation

  • Communication/Dialogue skills-building

  • Concentration, Intuition training

  • Image Theatre – Theatre based on individual or group images made with our bodies

  • Forum Theatre (only longer-term workshops) – Short scenes with audience intervention

  • Poetry / Spoken Word

  • Popular Pedagogy

Searching for Balance: transforming consciousness through theatre


Using similar activities as in the Rehearsing Change workshop, Searching for Balance is offered as part of a community's on-going social dialogue (on campus, in a neighborhood, an NGO, etc.). The workshop forms part of this dialogue and assists in the identification and transformation of conflicts. This workshop requires thoughtful coordination with the organizing group. In the past, Daniel has worked on issues such as:


  • Diversity and Inclusion on the college campus

  • Bridging the divide between college community and local community

  • Environmental Justice in the community

El Trueque: Theatre, Social Change and Spanish Acquisition


One learns a language best when it is used in practice, and what a better way to practice than through improvisation and creative expression. Usually organized with Spanish departments, El Trueque implements activities similar to the Rehearsing Change workshop, albeit with complete Spanish immersion.


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