Since our programming is self-sustainable, 100% of your donation goes to a specific use, and you get to choose how you want your money applied.  We offer three categories for donations: Projects, Scholarships, and Humanitarian Aid. We are also currently accepting donations for our online event: "Storytelling for Social and Planetary Change." Registration for the event is free of charge, however we are accepting donations to recognize the labor of organizers and panelists.

Pachaysana Project Fund


In our programs, participants often come up with brilliant ideas for small community projects. In fact, this is the idea of our programming, that they lead to community-led projects.  Your donation will be put into a project fund, and when it is used we will tell you how it was used. Donations of all amounts are accepted.

As a special part of our project fund, we are currently accepting donations for collective Pintag Amaru, one of our community partners. All donations will go towards funding their inspiring projects, from permaculture and food sovereignty to community theater and community tourism. Please select "Pintag Amaru" in the form to direct funding to them & their projects. 

Pachaysana Scholarship fund


Donations made to our scholarship fund will go towards the tuition of international students with financial needs to help them participate in our programming.  Usually these funds are designated to students from public universities. Donations of all amounts are accepted.

Humanitarian Aid: Donate Here to Communities Impacted during the National Strike

"I am fighting for an education that teaches us to think, not obey" (Photo from ContraKultura Revista)

The first two weeks of October in Ecuador were marked by widespread protests, led by the indigenous movement, that brought the nation to a standstill. These protests were sparked by a government decree that removed subsidies on oil prices in order to comply with the conditions of an IMF loan. This skyrocketed oil & gas prices overnight, disproportionately impacting poor, working class, and indigenous communities. The government reacted by repressing protests, often violently, leading to further indignation and unrest. On Sunday October 13th, peace talks were held and the government repealed the decree, a victory for the indigenous movement. 

While the protests have ceased, their impact lingers. Thousands of people were injured or detained during those two weeks, including members of our partner communities. A 15 year old girl from one of these communities who was bringing water to protestors lost her eye to the impact from a tear gas canister, and remains in recovery in the hospital; she is one among many. As an organization, we are raising money to help pay for lawyers and legal fees for those unjustly detained, pay medical bills, and support families impacted by the violence in other ways. Please consider donating, as any amount helps greatly!


We also want to express our sincere gratitude for those who were able to donate during the protests, solidarity with our counterparts and loved ones who participated in the struggle, and our appreciation for their dedication and bravery. We are continuously humbled by those we work with.

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