Since our programming is self-sustainable, 100% of your donation goes to a specific use, and you get to choose how you want your money applied.  We offer three categories for donations: Projects, Infrastructure and Scholarships. Please inquire as to where you can send your donation:


Pachaysana project fund


In our programs, participants often come up with brilliant ideas for small community projects. In fact, this is the idea of our programming… that they lead to projects.  Your donation will be put into a project fund, and when it is used we will tell you how it was used.  Donations of all amounts are accepted.

Pachaysana Infrastructure fund


Each year we work with different communities, and we often need to build or renovate physical infrastructure.  After we have completed work in the given community, all infrastructure improvement remains property of the community.


Current Infrastructure need: Faculty/Staff housing renovations in the community of Mariscal Sucre. We will be starting our “Rehearsing Change” semester-long program in Mariscal Sucre in January, 2015. Our faculty and staff need a comfortable place to live and plan their educational programs. Donations as small as $50 will pay for a specific part of the renovation. If you should donate to any part in whole, a small, homemade artistic plaque will be placed inside our housing recognizing the donor, or person/cause of your choosing

Pachaysana Scholarship fund


We have three kinds of scholarships. The first two are designed to be named scholarships, meaning a donation in full carries the donor’s name, or a name of her/his choosing.  The last one is a fund, to which you can donate any amount. 


  • $5,000 pays for a scholarship for an Ecuadorian university student and a local community counterpart to participate in the Rehearsing Change program. Our educational programming is enhanced when we can invite Ecuadorian university students (who are not from our host community) to join the international students and local community members, as it makes our dialogue that much richer. 

  • $4,000 gives a scholarship to an exceptional graduate student to serve as our Teaching Assistant for a semester. All too often, young professionals cannot access the opportunities to help transition from college education to professional life. Our goal is to provide practical, high-quality experience to budding educators who seek to make a difference.  

  • International student scholarship fund: Any size donation will be contributed to the fund for international students with financial needs.  Usually these funds are designated to students from public universities.  

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