Estamos Aquí - We are Here

Community Identity and Living with Oil Extraction
(Initiated in the Rehearsing Change program)

In conjunction with our friends at the Union of Affected Peoples (the over 30,000 community members, including thousands from several indigenous nations/ethnicities, most directly affected by oil contamination in Ecuador's oil-rich northern Amazon region), Pachaysana is working on linking the preservation/promotion of cultural identity with developing skills in communication and adaptation.


This project started in late 2016 and is programmed to continue for three years. It is called "We are here" as means of providing strength and hope to communities who usually feel forgotten by the world, the same world that has so benefited from the oil that has been extracted from their territories. To date we have worked with the A'i/Cofán, the Siona and Seikopai nations, with whom we have led workshops that link the community's story to discovering new ways to relate to the ever-changing world around them

This project is carefully crafted with our friends at the Union, and it has included a large mural project in the city of Lago Agrio, as a means of raising awareness of the affected people's stories. Our mural is one of the most visited attractions in town.

Direct beneficiaries:  90 community members; Indirect beneficiaries: Approximately 300 community members. 

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