Rehearsing Change 
Students make a difference through their participation.

Our organization depends greatly on the Rehearsing Change program, and we need high-quality, passionate students each and every semester. By studying with us, we can develop further projects, invent new educational models and provide fair and meaningful services to small rural communities in Ecuador. If you are student considering study abroad, consider doing it with us. If you are a student who cannot study abroad with us, but are interested in our work, recommend us to your professors and study abroad offices. If you are a graduate of a college or university, write your alma mater's Study Abroad administrators. If you are a past program participant, write a TESTIMONIAL.

Recommend "Rehearsing Change" 

We depend greatly on recommendations from others. Take a bit of time to share our Flyer, Slide Show, Facebook Pages and this webpage with college students, faculty and administrators.

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Of course, as a non-profit organization, we clearly benefit from your generous donations. There are many projects you can support, and due to our low overhead, we guarantee that 100% of your donation is used in the designated project.


Not sure about donating? Read our testimonials.


At this time we do not have tax-deductible 501c(3) status in the United States, but should be able to offer such tax benefits in the near future. 



We offer numerous internships every year to highly qualified applicants. For community-based placements, we only accept applicants with Spanish-speaking proficiency. We offer placements in our Quito offices, and depending on the circumstances of a given project will work with college/university students while they are at their home universities. At this time, all internships are unpaid.

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To inquire about Donations, Volunteering and Organizing a Short Term program.

Organize a Short-Term Group


We offer short term community-based educational programming, mostly during the summer, for pre-set groups. At this time, our efforts are mostly focused on our Rehearsing Change for Teachers program. That being said, we also arrange customized programs with service-learning and other educational experiences for colleges and universities.

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