Volunteers and Interns

A few words and images about our current and past interns.
Roby Goldberg and Liza Sweitzer

Summer 2016

Although each did the work of multiple volunteers, these amazing young women must be listed together, for never have we witnessed two people form a better team. Ruby and Liza worked with community children on the slow process of navegating the conflict between traditional and modern identities, using art and games to connect with their creative energies. Their impact reached beyond the children with whom they worked. Anyone who visited them in a community could see how they were treated as a true part of the local family. We are so grateful for their work and ask you to check back in soon to read more.

Edgar Arbaiza

Spring/Summer 2016

From Guanajuato, Mexico, via Université Savoie Mont Blanc, in Chambéry, France, where he is completing a Masters degree in Humanitarian Action, Edgar was our second graduate student intern, working with us in diverse areas, including producing promotional material for our Rehearsing Change program, and participating in community-based education projects in the community of Tzawata. He also worked with us on webpage development and program budgeting/accounting. A trained linguist, Edgar was indispensable for our partner organziation, Oralidad Modernidad, and the symposium Lenguas en Contacto that they developed with the Catholic University of Ecaudor.  Read Edgar's great blog post.

Elizabeth Fuhrman

Fall 2015

Elizabeth worked mostly in our Quito office on community project development. Her main focus was follow up with the community of Mariscal Sucre and the project they had developed in our Spring 2015 semester of Rehearsing Change. The project focused on promotion for their tourism program and demanded considerable coordination. Traveling down to the community from Quito, she co-facilitated a dialogue with community leaders and assisted in the elaboration of their promotional materials. Additionally, Elizabeth supported our Director with lots of what he calls the day to day dirty work. She was introduced to Pachaysana during one of our 7-day Toxic Tours & Community Visits, which is when she first met the community of Mariscal. You can read about her experience on our blog.

Kayleigh Levitt and Zoe Witt

Summer 2015

Kayleigh and Zoe, both students entering their final year of Soka University of America, dedicated their summer to our ongoing education projects in the community of Mariscal Sucre. Now leading tourism groups on their own with trained local guides, the community requested some basic survival English to help communicate with visitors. These 2 amazing girls trained themselves and led nightly lessons on conversational English, as well as facilitating a summer camp for the community youth and conducting interviews with community members so that the community could later measure the impact of tourism on the community after the course of a year. The community fell in love with these two dynamic and passionate women, and we couldn't believe how much English their students learned in just weeks. Read Kayleigh's reflection and Zoe's reflection to learn more about their experiences.

Emma Wright

Spring 2015

Emma was our first graduate intern, working with us during the pilot semester of our Rehearsing Change program. In addition to fulfilling administrative tasks, Emma was instrumental in carrying out our international student orientation and transitioning into regular classes. Furthermore, she carried out indispensable research on decolonial education, studying Rehearsing Change as a case study. Read her thesis in English or Spanish on her Academia.com page. And congratulation on her recent graduation from the Erasmus program at University College Dublin in Europe!

Maria Nachbor

Spring and Summer 2014

Maria came to us from Juniata College where she just graduated with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. She began by working in our Quito office on promotional materials and research. Over the summer, she was the lead intern while working on projects in our partner communities of Mariscal Sucre and Tzawata. We are extremely grateful for her extended commitment. Both communities now consider Maria part of their family and we are sorry to see the summer coming to a close, as it means she returns back home to the USA. Read a reflection by Maria.

Osha Waterdu

Spring and Summer 2014

Osha joined us from Beloit College where she is studying education. She worked closely with our General Director, Belen Noroña, on research in our Quito office, before living for several weeks with the community of Tzawata. She was instrumental in the Our Land, Our Story project, as well as one of the key participants in our project, Searching for Balance. Tzawata wants her to know that they remember her dearly and hope she will come back soon. Read Osha's reflection.

Renae Zelmar

Summer 2014

Renae came to Ecuador from California, where she studies at Soka University of America. She arrived just a few days before joining Maria in our partner communities. She quickly adapted and spent almost 6 weeks working on projects in Tzawata and Mariscal Sucre. She followed her internship with a semester of study at our partner institution, the Universidad San Francisco de Quito.  

Akiko Toya

Spring and Summer of 2013

Toya, as she likes to be called, just graduated from Soka University of America, where she completed a degree in economics. She was our first intern, and had to brave the uncertainty of a working in a start-up organization. She worked in our Quito office and the community of Mariscal Sucre, where she facilitated a sweet potato project  and women’s group. Toya was recently accepted to the Masters of Public Affairs program at Cornell University, which she will begin in the fall. Felicidades! Read Toya's reflection.  Reflexión en Español

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