La Lucha: Tzawata-Ila-Chukapi's Story of Struggle

The communities of Tzwata, Ila and Chukapi have been engaged in a 5-year struggle to regain their ancestral lands, whose deed is currently held by a foreign mining company. While the communities possess incredible knowledge and resources, they lack access to a certain kind of power, a Western kind, which is necessary to participate on equal ground with the mining company. One of the key characteristics of such power is the ability to tell your story in a way that is understandable to the outsider. 


This video represents a bi-lateral effort to tell the story of Tzawata-Ila-Chukapi. For 6 weeks, three Pachaysana interns lived with the community of Tzawata; their goal was to learn the story and tell it back to the community. The community would listen and dialogue about its accuracy. As the community became more and more engaged, they became owners of this "telling of the story" and creating the video with the interns. Very special thanks to our three interns: Osha Waterdu, Maria Nachbor and Renae Zelmar, all of which played an important role in the project.  And, even though no one had experience making videos, we must extend special gratitude to Maria, who went way above the call of duty in putting the piece together.


This version is in Spanish with English subtitles. Below are Spanish and Kichwa versions.

La Lucha: La Historia de Tzawata-Ila-Chukapi (en español)

La Lucha: La Historia de Tzawata-Ila-Chukapi (en Kichwa)


© 2014 by The Pachaysana Institute. 

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