Mariscal Sucre

Tourism with Identity

(Initiated in the Rehearsing Change program)

This project, which began in mid-2015 and will continue through mid-2018, is comprised of a series of mini-projects, all of which are focused on improving the community's tourism program, while assuring that it develops with full consideration for Mariscal's ever-evolving cultural identity. Since tourism involves constant interaction with people from outside of the community, continuous promotion, the need to creatively use technology and improving formal communications, there are considerable possibilities for conflicts. In order to diminish the potential dangers, Mariscal has placed significant attention on assuring that more and more community members participate in the program and that each and every step (from promotion to leading tours) are carefully integrated into the community's regular development plan. 

Activities to date include 1) studying the community's history and sharing with the community at large, 2) creating children's books of community stories, 3) developing a marketing strategy, including a webpage, and 4) establishing a cultural event calendar that bridges the simultaneously promotes the community's cultural identity and raises awareness of the tourism program.

Direct beneficiaries:  56 community members; Indirect beneficiaries: 200 community members. 


Our previous project with the Mariscal was an education for community-based tourism project, which you can review here.


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