Dr. Marleen Haboud


is professor of linguistics, sociolinguistics and research methods at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. Since 2005 she is a UNESCO consultant and Visiting Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (España). She has worked on several projects related to sociolinguistic studies, literacy and bilingual education. She is director of the Oralidad Modernidad project, which seeks to determine, through interdisciplinary research, the vitality of native languages and oral tradition as well as support these languages’ preservation and revitalization. Her areas of interest are language contact; the vitality, conservation, loss and revitalization of minority languages as related with educational programs and educational/communication practices. Her research has also explored other themes, including intercultural education, identity, language and culture, intercultural communication and linguistic and education policies. She has published in numerous journals (international and national) such as the International Journal of the Sociology of Language , Typological Studies in Language , Hispano-Americano Geschichte , Sprache, Literatur, Llengües vives a l'Amèrica Llatina, Winak (Guatemala), Debates, (Perú), Pueblos Indígenas y Educación, CEPAR, y Universidad Católica (Ecuador). Her book, Quichua y Castellano en los Andes Ecuatorianos, los efectos de un contacto prolongado was first published in Spanish in 1998 and in English in 2003. She is co-author of the World Atlas of Endangered Languages ​​(UNESCO 2010), the Sociolinguistic Atlas of the peoples of Latin America ( UNICEF 2010) and the Handbook of Indigenous Language Revitalization in the Americas (Latin America and the Caribbean) (2014 ) .

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