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Welcome to the Pachaysana Blog. We open this space to further the dialogue on many themes related to our work in community development and international education. We will post 1 or 2 times a month and would love to hear your thoughts, so please reply and offer comments or questions.


We also seek out guest bloggers. Please let us know if you would like to write about any of our themes: community development, international education, arts and social justice, alternative forms of education, fair trade learning, decolonial education, cultural identity, among others.

The views expressed in our blog are those of Pachaysana and our writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or identities of our partner communities and organizations.

A week of life-changing experiences

Our blog this week comes from our current Pachaysana intern, Elizabeth Fuhrman. She is an international student spending a semester at our partner institution, Universidad San Francisco de Quito. After spending a week immersed in Pachaysana projects as part of a week-long educational experience comprised of a “Toxic Tour” and community home stays, Elizabeth applied to be an intern. In this writing she captures the impact one experiences when first engaging the joys and pains of the work we do. Enjoy… (Getting my face painted with traditional berry-type fruit called Achiote.) It’s been a dream of mine since I was twelve years old to go to the Amazon Rainforest. Thus, when I came to study in E

Decolonial Education: our collective (hi)story(ies)

As Daniel expressed so well in his first blog entry, it is time to rethink the big questions of education so that they include stories of global interconnectedness. We must find a way to ensure that education values every person, and maybe every living being, as equal key players in a transformative, creative dialogue. I would like to suggest here that an essential element to imagining these new types of learning environments can be found through Decolonial Education. The conjuncture of these two ideas (Decolonial + Education) is fundamentally necessary as educational institutions have always played an integral role in the colonial/imperial enterprise. When we begin to imagine new educationa

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