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Welcome to the Pachaysana Blog. We open this space to further the dialogue on many themes related to our work in community development and international education. We will post 1 or 2 times a month and would love to hear your thoughts, so please reply and offer comments or questions.


We also seek out guest bloggers. Please let us know if you would like to write about any of our themes: community development, international education, arts and social justice, alternative forms of education, fair trade learning, decolonial education, cultural identity, among others.

The views expressed in our blog are those of Pachaysana and our writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or identities of our partner communities and organizations.

How to Grow a God

For this month's blog, Rehearsing Change student from our Fall 2016 semester, offers a thought-provoking Journal-style entry, written in Spanglish. We leave it in this original format because A) the multi-lingual approach mirrors the reality of much of our work, and B) with the advent of on-line services like Google Translate, it is very easy to copy-paste the items we do not understand and get a pretty clear translation of the phrases. We hope you enjoy this passionate take on Education as much as we do. Voy a escribir menos como un deber para la escuela y más como los diarios que he estado escribiendo desde que tenía quince años (I hope you will try to follow me): Alice at Quilotoa Lake (d

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