Pachaysana's Online Programming

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to transition to online courses, Pachaysana treated the crisis as an opportunity to create an online laboratory for decolonizing pedagogies. Taking advantage of widespread internet access in our Spring 2020 Andean partner community, Pintag, we remained faithful to our Fair Trade Learning model by including daily participation from our local counterparts. Together we have treated online learning as another opportunity for "rehearsing change" in our world. Read below about the two unique courses we have created. Soon, our entire curriculum we be available on line. Please inquire with questions.

A play in "zoom space" with international students and local community members from Pintag about the oppressive nature of generalized/standardized education

Identity and Place

Instead of thinking about "place," we have rooted the course in Andean Cosmovision, challenging participants to explore who they are in relation to the ever-changing pacha, or world. We asked international & local participants to "map" either the coronavirus crisis or a socio-environmental conflict in their community and the images you see are a result of that assignment. These are conceptual and artistic maps, viewed as part of a participatory dialogue, and meant to open up our perspective of space. How can we re-story our relationship with Pacha and heal? 

Two examples of social maps created by international students and local participants.

Theatre for Social Change

“Theatre,” participants used “Zoom space” to create online, live-action plays that re-imagine a decolonial education. We started off by hearing our "gritos" or screams (artistically and metaphorically) and then we identified cracks in the system (similar to the cracks between screens/worlds on a zoom video conference call) from which we could plant our seeds for a new vision of education. The virtual platform became our stage. And Pachaysana believes we can continue to take advantage of online stages from where we can re-story study abroad to meet our new reality.

One of our online plays with international students and local participants. A student visits her grandfather and uncle to try and figure out what "education" mans.

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