Pachaysana develops partnerships with organizations so that we can better carry out our mission.  Following is a list of organizations with whom we work, or with whom we have professional relationships:

Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ)


Recognized as one the top universities in Latin America, USFQ is our academic partner for Rehearsing Change. In addition to providing transcripts for international students, they recognize the hard work of our community participants with valuable certificates of participation.

USFQ, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Latin America, Quito, Rehearsing Change
Javier Cevallos, Quito Eterno, Rehearsing Change, Vuelo, Curiquingue, cultural education
Quito Eterno

Our partner for Quito-based cultural activities, including Rehearsing Change's orientation, and the project, El Vuelo del Curiquingue.  Quito Eterno is one of the only completely self-financed cultural education organizations in Ecuador.  Javier Cevallos Perugachi, one of our founding members and faculty members, is one of Quito Eterno's coordinators.



Founded by Dr. Marleen Haboud (Pachaysana board member and Rehearsing Change faculty). Much of our work focuses on finding the stories of locals and using them as an empowering force.  Oralidad Modernidad assists us with methodology and assures that our work is preserved.

Oralidad-modernidad, Marleen Haboud, stories, empowerment
Tiputini Biodiversity Station, Yasuni, Kelly Swing
Tiputini Biodiversity Station


Our work must be balanced with nature and connected to current research in rainforest biodiversity.  Tiputini is our scientific partner. Its founding director, Dr. Kelly Swing, is an Academic Associate of Pachaysana.

Peacebuilding and the Arts


We seek to link our work to the world and others who apply the arts to transforming conflicts and promoting equitable development.  Peacebuilding and the Arts is a groundbreaking international initiative that finds such work, documents it and shares it with the world.


Their anthology Acting Together: Performance and Creative Transformation of Conflict is a prime text in our Rehearsing Change program.


You can purchase Volume 1 and/or Volume 2 and their fantastic documentary with teaching tool kit.

Acting Together, Peacebuilding, Arts, Performance, Creative Transformation, Conflict, development
Zanja Arajuno, animal rescue center, environmental education, ecology
Zanja Arajuno


As we began our work with the community Mariscal Sucre, this private reserve and animal rescue center helped facilitate our projects.  They accept volunteers to work at the animal rescue center.

Mariscal Sucre (Community-based Tourism)


Mariscal has a community-based tourism project that now receives between 5 and 10 groups per year. Anyone who is interested can plan a visit to the community.

Mariscal Sucre, Turismo vivencial, community-based tourism, Ecuador, Amazon, adventure, family tourism
Tzawata, Ila, Chucapi
Alliance Tzawata/Ila/Chucapi


Our work with Tzawata has introduced us to their struggle for ancestral lands, which they share with the neighboring communities of Chucapi and Ila. 

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