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Short-term and customized programs

Pachaysana offers these special programs for two distinct reasons 1) strengthening our community and inter-institutional partnerships​ in Ecuador, and 2) providing one-of-a-kind short-term educational experiences for international students. Regarding our community partners, we focus on co-designing and co-administering the program with locals, so that they are not recipients of services, but key actors in the entire educational and organizational process. Regarding international students, we focus on the creation of experiences that link critical service learning, community engagement and cross-cultural education. Short-term programs can be entirely led by Pachaysana faculty or by faculty from the home school. They can be based in one community, or travel among different communities. While most of our work is located in the Amazon Region of Ecuador, we also lead projects in Quito and other parts of the country. 


It is important to note that while we recognize the overwhelming trend in study abroad toward short-term experiences, and value their important contribution to both our partner communities and international students, we do not consider them as replacements for, or equal to, our semester-long program.

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