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Short-Term Study Abroad

How does it work?

We work with university faculty and staff to design personalized short-term study abroad programs for their diverse learning communities. These programs typically last from 9 days to 1 month and most commonly occur during breaks in the academic year (summer vacation, spring break, winter break, etc.). They vary significantly in itinerary, focus and content. Pachaysana can design the course and lead the instruction for your short-term program or we can work with faculty from the home university to design a course/program together. All programs can be organized for academic credit.

Depending on the needs of the group, the program usually include stays with our partner communities where local educators complement the course instruction. They can be based in one community, or organized to travel among different communities in Ecuador. Our areas of specialty are the Ecuadorian Amazon and Highlands regions, but we have also led programming to the Coastal region and the Galápagos Islands.  


Each of our short-term programs fulfill two complementary goals: 1) fomenting local community empowerment & development in partnership with Ecuador communities, and 2) developing a critical intercultural consciousness among visiting students and faculty.

We offer a variety of programs based on university & community needs. Learn about our different options and start to imagine your dream program

How do we maintain our commitments to Fair-Trade study abroad & decolonial education in our short-term programming?

As with all of our programs, community counterparts play and integral role in organizing, hosting, and facilitating short-term programs

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