Modernization versus Culture

May 28, 2016

It is extremely important that we share all kinds of creative work with our readers. In today's entry, we introduce you to Clay Reichart (pictured here with Meghan Tenorio... photo courtesy of Meghan). Clay will be a senior at Juniata College and was an exchange students at our partner university, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, participating in the BCA Study Abroad program. His whole program cohort joined Pachaysana for one of our Toxic Tours and community-based tourism exchanges for a period of one week. Clay was very moved by the experience and in the final project for his program, he created a short poem to express how the week affected his outlook on life, most especially his views on Modernization versus Culture. Thanks for sharing Clay. Enjoy...


Modernization versus Culture


We live in world with great diversity
Different people as far as we can see
We love this diversity
Until we see this changing our society
You see, we are the ones who make changes
To which they know no ranges
We wish to make things modern
To make all the nations sovereign 
We want to make things the same 
Everything the same is an easy game 
We will always win
And if you impede us that is your sin
The same is the best
Less work and more rest
Food traveling thousands of miles each way
While we save minutes off our day
Yet when we modernize
We don’t do it with our eyes
We use our hands
To destroy communities into sand
We use machines
So loud to cover the screams
We say that “The black oil down below
Is well worth this hefty toll”
Cancer and tumors in the bodies of others
All for our own needs we destroy lives of our brothers
We destroyed cultures
Like hungry vultures
We have killed people
All in the name of bringing them to the steeple
We will always have this privileged guilt
That is strapped to us at the hilt 
To bring everyone else up to us
Yet my friends I think we are on the wrong bus


We love diversity
When it’s not changing our society
We want justice 
Only when it is for us
We hate change 
When we're the ones changing
Next time we want to modernize
Lets look into the mirror and use their eyes



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