¡Feliz año nuevo! del Equipo Pachaysana

Happy New Year, from the Pachaysana Team! In this first blog post of 2019, we decided to share a collaborative collage of different messages and thoughts from each one of our staff. Enjoy!

Giving & Receiving within Self

After the holiday season, I am questioning and exploring the potential that “giving” and “receiving” can have. December has been a month filled with an abundance of gifts (birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year’s Eve). I have felt expected to give tangible items to those I love, and in turn, receive. This year, my colleagues have challenged me to re-imagine what giving and receiving looks like. What gifts do we all possess? What can we offer to nourish relationships and experiences with loved ones that we may have overlooked over the year?

At the beginning of the New Year, we often reflect on the past year and make so-called “resolutions,” ways in which we resolve to improve ourselves and our lives in the upcoming year. They can be goals to get rid of an unhealthy habit, to complete something you’ve been working on for a long time, or to improve your relationships with those around you. While they’re sometimes viewed as unrealistic and silly, resolutions have the potential to be gifts to the self.

Often we think about giving and receiving as something that happens between individuals, but not about how it exists within our own beings. Just as we give our time, our love, and our attention to others, we give it to ourselves, and we receive it from ourselves. So what would a resolution look like as a gift to yourself? It looks like: asking your body, your heart, and your mind what it needs from you, truly listening, and resolving to give it what it needs.

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to not judge ourselves when we are imperfect with these goals. We are imperfect beings, and we are bound to therefore be imperfect in our relationships with ourselves and our goals. Doing your best, but not expecting your best to be perfection, is giving yourself the opportunity to be imperfect without judgement, guilt, or shame.

We cannot give to & receive from others until we are doing it within ourselves. Whether you call it “self love,” “self care,” or giving to the self, it is important that we take the time to reflect and listen to what we need in order to then give others what they need from us. Be it a New Year’s resolution, or simply a decision to focus on giving more to ourselves, it is so important to take care of ourselves and the relationships we have with our hearts, bodies, and minds.

Somos Parte de un Todo

Nada detiene al apresurado ritmo con el que estamos viviendo en la actualidad, corremos para todo y no nos detenemos a comprender los otros ciclos que están desde la existencia. Es en estos días cuando más corremos, a no sé dónde; compras, regalos, deseos, conclusiones o inicios hacen de diciembre un tiempo para no recordar nuestra razón de estar aquí en este Pachamama (tiempo espacio) que nos ha tocado vivir.

En estos días quisiera regalar un momento de reflexión a nuestras acciones, quiero recordarles de los tiempos antiguos, los que están en esta tierra equinoccial. La fiesta en el Ecuador, un momento en el tiempo, específicamente 21 y 22 de diciembre, donde celebramos el solsticio de invierno o Kapac Raymi, una fiesta de iniciación a la adultez de los adolescentes, un tiempo femenino para desherbar las chakras para que los maíces sigan creciendo. Un tiempo para bailar, cantar, dar gracias y compartir con todos; me refiero a la tierra, el fuego, el aire, el agua, la luna, el sol y por supuesto nosotros los runas.

Les invito a celebrar la existencia con todo lo que nos rodea, dando gracias por los que están a nuestro lado y permiten que la vida continúe. Pensemos que somos parte de un todo para dejar de actuar solo por placer, pensemos que somos parte de un todo para incluir y compartir; y pensemos que somos parte de un todo para vivir sin competir.

El Regalo que no se Compra Propongo un nuevo camino para ver donde se siente más que tener es un camino que asemeja al sol con luz vital como el amor. Propongo una fiesta multicolor llena de flores y de sabor con zapateos de incansables sonidos como viviendo los tiempos perdidos. Que sea un tiempo de comprender que el lugar que pisas tiene poder es la Madre Tierra que en su querer nos deja vivir con pleno placer. Placer que abusas hasta romper el lazo inmenso que nos deja crecer pues es alimento, aire, agua y calor los que ignoramos por la ambición. Propongo un regalo para vivir uno sin costo para el porvenir es un regalo de comprender que esta Tierra tiene Poder. Poder infinito que solo emana amor no se inmuta a la intensa opresión girando constante en su memoria vibrante es nuestro regalo más importante.

Reflection about time, cycles, and transitions

Another year has passed and a new one has already begun. In this way, time moves and flows. As much we try to control time, it continues passing. I tend to think about how we relate to time. We live in a global society where modernity and ideas of progress have made the present a servant of the future and a prisoner of the past. We sacrifice the present in order to achieve something later, and we carry with us all the unfinished business of our past.

Our ancestors from the middle of the world have taught us that life should not be interpreted as linear, where the past is behind us and the future is in front of us. They have taught us that existence based on an eternal spiral called el Ñaupa. We walk through el ñaupa and its multiple cycles, that repeat themselves in a new time and space. For this reason, the wisest way to walk is, not with our back toward the past. The past is all we know! Why would we turn our back on what we know? For this reason we walk with our back to the future, as the future is uncertain, and our front to the past, to work, confront and recognize the past.

Collectively, what would it look like to acknowledge our past in a more honest way? What are the injustices that have have not been recognized, reflected upon, forgiven or changed? We should make sure we forgive our what we need to forgive for our past, change what has to be changed our past, and celebrate what should be celebrated from our past. All of this work happens in the present and this is how the future is built. We build from what already is. How could we build the present, if we don’t acknowledge the past that walks with us?

Language is interesting. The eternal “now” in English is called the present. Think about that for a minute. The present is the gift of life. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy New Year! We have the present. So the question is how are we going to honor this gift? What do we want to change, forgive, recognize, honor, and celebrate?

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