Spaces I Inhabited

I was looking out the window of my first host family and began to draw. I didn’t want to forget that feeling of comfort and connection, as I overlooked hills in La Mariscal. But, I didn’t want to just paint my view, I wanted to paint the spaces I inhabited. This drawing recognizes how communities are grounded in land and territory, and it addresses it as a landscape of indigenous resilience, natural beauty, family, extractionism, colonialism, and power. This is not just a reflection of what I saw in Ecuador, but of the spaces I lived in. Even temporarily. Even for minutes. It is a thank you to those spaces for letting me inhabit them. It is a landscape that ties together communities and recognizes them. It is the spaces I want to go back to, but only because of the people I was there with. In each image lies memories too rich for words. And that is the power of drawing the Ecuador I experienced. Within this drawing it isn’t and can’t all be there; but it's the closest I will ever get. A summation unable to be grasped by words.

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