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October 19, 2019

In light of the political unrest that has occurred in Ecuador, our Executive Director, Daniel, offers a series of questions, which we believe are crucial to engage in processes of healing through art and community-based education. While directed toward specific sectors of Ecuador's population, they can be applied to ongoing socio-political conflicts going on around the world, including the USA.




(Photo from ContraKultura)


How do I engage empathy and a process of true healing, while simultaneously recognizing my privilege? Could it be that I need to change my statements into questions? If I ask questions, guided by true curiosity and a desire to learn from and with “the other,” could that be my contribution to fomenting a dialogue?

And what is dialogue? When I say I am dialoguing, is that actually the case? Or am I  participating in a disjointed series of dueling monologues? And if I dare to dialogue via brave and honest questions, will that make me feel vulnerable? Is it OK to feel vulnerable? Is it time to feel vulnerable?

Do I really want things to go back to how they were before? Do I want to go back to ‘normal’? Or, is it true that from suffering, even death, comes new life? How can I participate in the creative and collective process of creating new life?

And what does it mean to be a citizen of a diverse country in an ever-more interconnected world? Is it time to rethink our relations, our communities and our very way of life?

Is it time to admit that I have made mistakes, that we have all made mistakes? Is it OK to say that I too have been violent, whether physically, systemically or symbolically?  

And is it true that I live in a bubble? Or is it that we all live in bubbles? If so, how did we get in these bubbles and, if I were to name the bubble, what name would I give it? What purposes do these bubbles serve?  

What are the most important questions that need to be asked, and how do I courageously ask them, especially when each question means I will feel some kind of pain? And, finally, what can I do, or what can we all do, so that our questions break through the bubbles and reach others? How do I share?

How might my questions bring about a greater me and a greater us?



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