• The community is respected and independent. All our program efforts are done in equal partnership with local communities.  We do not seek to change communities; rather, we work together to best confront the changes the communities are already facing.

  • Balanced education. We do all we can to respect the vision and integrity of our program participants. We create a space where tools and information are shared as objectively as possible, allowing participants to proactively develop their own conclusions.

  • Sustainability is only possible through active participation in a local-global democratic dialogue.  Just as the global community will never be able to force a system on local communities, the communities can no longer develop in isolation to the world. 

  • Education is created, not received. Students and locals are equals to development professionals and professors.

  • Balanced with Nature. All decisions must consider a more sensible relationship with the environment.

  • Documentation and Evaluation. All our projects are documented and evaluated.

  • Creating a safe space.  In all programming and projects, we must find ways to minimize risks.  In order to assure the active participation and enhance creativity for both local and global actors, everyone must feel their immediate needs are being met.

© 2014 by The Pachaysana Institute. 

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