Our work is currently divided into three categories of action:

  • Programs – These are our on-going curricula that we carry out with different communities in Ecuador, usually with joint participation from international change agents. While they are designed to be educational in and of themselves, our programming also focuses on generating new community-based projects.

  • Projects – These are activities with a strategic beginning, middle and end. Through educational processes Pachaysana assists a community in the design, administration and evaluation of planned activity.  Projects must come to an end, because the goal is that Pachaysana is no longer needed, meaning projects seek to contribute to a community's level of empowerment. Projects are intricately tied into our Programs and often initiated via our programming.

  • Consultancies and Workshops – We partner with other organizations (non-profit and for-profit, governmental and non-governmental) to share our methodologies and create new models for community-based development. 

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