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Education & Restoration
for Collective Liberation


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Through creative, community-based programming that centers on relationships, growth, and collective liberation, our community-based, intercultural education programs encourage us to rehearse the change we wish to see in the world.
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People care for essential ecosystems only when their needs are met. Our approach links social and environmental justice, creating real, long-term impact for everyone.
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"If you're looking for a fair-trade, truly hands-on study abroad experience where you can learn, explore, and create alongside local counterparts and international students alike, then this is the program for you."

-Maddy Maurice

American University

Shadira Ruiz
Community Counterpart
from Nina Shunku Association


"Rehearsing Change has converted itself into a process of liberating education that has strengthened us as an organization, and encouraging us to work as a collective"

Saul Bautista
Community Counterpart from Pintag

"Rehearsing Change was an evolution in my own life. Since we began these classes and this exchange, we have learned so many things, such as valuing our land and neighbors, to create a more harmonious connection within the community and a wider vision of what the true meaning of community is, of working towards an objective that doesn't benefit just one person but everybody."



“This program pushes you to live with and understand others from backgrounds which can differ dramatically from your own. In this program you are not just studying in a country, you're studying with a country. You work alongside people who have new perspectives and ideas that will stick with you.” 

Evan Oravec
American University
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Hacking the Education System with Indigenous Communities

of the Amazon Rainforest

Sustainable Forest Management   *   Regenerative Agriculture     Ancestral Indigenous Knowledge  *   Entrepreneurship 

socio-environmental restoration

Restoring and conserving our biodiversity by empowering communities that live in key ecosystems

Connect with our local restorer communities through our HUMANS FOR ABUNDANCE program


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