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Education for Collective Liberation


decolonizing education & fair-trade study abroad

Who are we?

Pachaysana is a collective of Ecuadorian and international educators, teaching artists, activist-academics, and community organizers. We bring together our diverse knowledge and experiences to re-imagine dominant models of education and community development.

Through creative educational programming and balanced intercultural exchange, we foment a just and sustainable dialogue between local and global change agents where all voices are respected and encouraged.


Rehearsing Change: semester-long study abroad

We are revolutionizing study abroad through creative, community-based programming that centers relationships, growth, and collective liberation. Our arts-based methodologies encourage us to rehearse the change we wish to see in the world.
“Rehearsing Change… cannot be described in words, but by way of active participation in the program… The people that one meets during Rehearsing Change are incredibly creative and driven, and the impact of those relationships on a student coming the midway point of his/her education at a U.S. university can't be substituted.” ​

Kayla Gangemi, American University

VIRTUAL Programming


The international public health crisis has challenged us to revolutionize virtual learning spaces, where we can focus on reciprocity, growth, and creation, and where diverse voices are welcomed and celebrated. All too often, online education limits interaction and collective work, but our online courses and workshops/webinars provide opportunities to build community, connect theory to practice, and engage in meaningful and transformative dialogue.

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