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Get involved

Join us in Creating a more just Education and World

Study abroad with us
Students make a difference through participation

Our organization depends greatly on participation in the Rehearsing Change program and we need committed, passionate students each and every semester. International students play a key role in developing further projects, inventing new educational models, and providing just and meaningful opportunities for Ecuadorian communities. If you are a university student, passionate for social justice, who wants to study abroad, consider doing it with us. If you cannot study abroad with us, but are interested in contributing to our work, recommend us to your professors and study abroad offices. If you are a past program participant, consider writing a testimonial.

Organize a short-term program
Partner with us to re-imagine short-term study abroad

We are always open to partnering with university faculty and staff in co-designing personalized short-term abroad programs for their diverse learning communities over breaks in the academic year. We believe we are just scratching the surface of these programs' potential, and look forward to more opportunities to grow together. Click here to learn more.

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Contribute to our projects

Of course, as a non-profit organization, we clearly benefit from your generous donations. 100% of your donation goes to a specific use, and you get to choose how you want your money applied.  We offer three categories for donations: Projects, Scholarships, and Humanitarian Aid. Click here to donate and learn more about where your money goes.

Keep up to date on our activities & Offerings

Each month, we send out a newsletter with updates on our programs and projects, as well as current opportunities for our wider community to get involved in our work. Past newsletter themes include "Epistemic Justice: Valuing Diverse Ways of Knowing," "Being Fair-Trade in an Unfair World," and "Re-Storying Our World." Click here to sign up for our monthly newsletter. 

Join us in person or online

Click here to learn about current events open to the public. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in co-organizing an event together, such as a panel or online workshops/webinars. Currently, all of our events are taking place online due to the public health crisis.

Become par of the Pachaysana Family

From time to time we have job openings with our team. Click here to see if there are current openings.

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