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Since our programming is self-sustainable, 100% of your donation goes to a specific use, and you get to choose how you want your money applied.  We offer three categories for donations: The Forest SchoolProjects, and Humanitarian Aid
Humanitarian Aid
We are currently using this fund to raise money for a project that is supporting protestors who in June 2022 fought unjust social and economic policies. Many of these friends and allies, mostly from Indigenous communities, have suffered physical and emotional trauma that require continued treatment. We are partnering with the Nina Shunku Association to administer donations. 
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Forest School (Escuela del bosque)
A unique home-schooling program in the Kichwa community of Mushullakta. Students learn ancestral traditions, sustainable agriculture, reforestation, music and more from community elders in their native language (Kichwa), and Language Arts (Spanish), Math, English, etc., online and from international volunteers. Funds pay for resources, meals, stipends for local educators and more.  
Projects Fund
In our programs, participants often come up with brilliant ideas for small community projects. In fact, this is one of the main goals of our programs that they lead to community-led projects.  Your donation will be put into a project fund, and when it is used we will tell you how it was used. Donations of all amounts are accepted.

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