We are a collective of Ecuadorian and international scholars, artists, development specialists and community organizers.  We create educational programming that responds to the ever growing divide between local and global development. 


We have two areas of emphasis: A) bridging the local and global, and B) creating alternatives for local communities. With regards to the first, we believe that education is the path toward re-imagining new methods of community development, but for this to happen, locals need to learn from the global community and "globals" need to learn from the local community. Related to the second, small Ecuadorian communities struggle between economic survival and maintaining their traditional identities.  Our work uses strategies to diversify their economies while simultaneously strengthening local knowledge.


Most of our programs focus on face-to-face, creative dialogues between potential change agents from both local and international communities. Pachaysana engages human creative energies to take advantage of globalization’s inherently positive characteristics, such as intercultural exchange, the rapid production of knowledge, technological advancement and the ease of communication, as the main tools to identify and transform. Our desired outcomes include the invention of new methods and models for bi-lateral (local-global) development in Ecuadorian communities. 


Pachaysana has three main programs, including our flagship program, Rehearsing Change: Empowering Locally, Educating Globally


Pachaysana is working on numerous projects with several partner communities, most especially the communities of Mariscal Sucre and Tzawata.​

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