Rehearsing Change: Empowering Locally, Educating Globally


Our flagship program is a community-based educational initiative carried out in Quito and the Ecuadorian Amazon. Rehearsing Change links two worlds: international university-level education (Study Abroad) and local "education for community development". Classes are designed for simultaneous participation between local community members and international students. We refer to this model as Fair Trade Study Abroad.


We also offer Rehearsing Change customized, short-term programs

Rehearsing Change for Teachers


Teacher training seminars in which educators from across cultures share in a creative dialogue. Pachaysana provides the space and structures a dynamic program, but the real professional and personal development comes from the interaction among the participants themselves. Rehearsing Change for Teachers can be designed for a specific group, or you can write us to ask about participating in our first "Encuentro de Educadores," in which Spanish speaking teachers from all over come together to rethink the relationship between "how we do education" and "how we live in community."

Rehearsing Change for Classrooms


A multi-faceted, Theatre for Social Change program with different applications.  In Ecuador, we focus mostly on exploring social conflicts present within our Cultural Identity; while abroad, it is used as a multifaceted tool, mostly for facilitating the university-community relationship,  Spanish acquisition and multi-cultural education.  This program launched our project entitled, El Vuelo del Curiquingue (Flight of the Curiquingue), an interactive educational theatrical experience. Our educational and artistic residencies fall under this program. 

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