A study abroad program that is part of a greater dream to reimagine education, community engagement, and global-local relationships, Rehearsing Change carries out the central mission of Pachaysana by bringing together diverse perspectives and voices to create and dialogue together. We are a pioneer of the Fair Trade Learning movement and practice decolonial education. Local Ecuadorian counterparts and international students learn together, engaging with topics such as sustainability, identity, and globalization, all in the context of how they interact with our lived realities, especially the reality of the local community. We apply knowledge and tools through the Applied Arts (or Arts for Social Change), Engaged Learning/Scholarship and Participatory Action Research. Rehearsing Change is designed, administered and evaluated by Pachaysana in partnership with Juniata College.  

Short-Term ProgramS

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We offer short-term study abroad programs to groups of international students who may not have the ability to participate in a full semester abroad, but still desire to expand their worldview and engage in meaningful, critical intercultural dialogue. As with our semester-long program, our short-term options rethink what study abroad is, and what it can be. Short-term programming is the new trend in study abroad, and we are barely scratching the surface of its potential, especially as related to community engagement.  


Being able to live in another country for a short time needs to be seen as both a privilege and responsibility, especially when we consider that people in the communities do not have access to the same opportunities. Thus, as with the Rehearsing Change program, almost everything about our short-term programming is different.


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Online Programs

Our online educational programming was borne out of the need to re-imagine our programming during the global public health crisis caused by COVID-19. As international education as we knew it came to a standstill, we adapted and transitioned our decolonial model online, creating a virtual study abroad program, "From the Cracks," in addition to webinars and workshops that maintain our creative, critical, and communal spirit. We partner with universities, nonprofits, and other collectives in carrying out these programs, personalizing them to their needs and focuses.


We offer workshops and consultancies on a range of topics at both Ecuadorian and U.S. educational institutions, including: decolonizing education, fair-trade study abroad, and theater for social change. Due to the current public health crisis, on-campus workshops and consultancies are on hold. Please check back in the upcoming months for updates and see our online programming for our current workshop & webinar offerings. 



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