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Decolonizing podcast, decolonial education, ways of knowing, Ecuador, Indigenous, Rural communities
Podcast: "desde las Grietas"
Telling stories "from the cracks"

We are so excited to be presenting our new Spanish-language podcast, "Desde las grietas:" a storytelling project that aims to challenge, question, and create "from the cracks" of the dominant system. In our first episode,"Desde las grietas: historias de resistencia en la pandemia" (Stories of Resistance in the Pandemic) we explore quarantine from the cracks! We discuss why we consider stories to be a powerful tool for changing our reality and our world, for healing, and for seeking justice. We will talk to Maria Llulluna, a farmer from the rural community of Valencia, and Javier Cevallos Perugachi, an artist and storyteller from Quito, for two different perspectives ("stories") from the pandemic. Click here to listen.

Gallery: Photos & Creative Projects
Creative processes in action

We love to share the incredible creative work realized by international students and local community counterparts throughout our various programs, as well as photos from the educational and creative processes. Click here to see our gallery of photos & creative works.  

Digital art for social change, theatre for social change, community activism
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