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Pachaysana podcast:

Desde Las Grietas

"Desde las grietas" was born from a need to continue sharing stories of resistance & resilience during the COVID19 pandemic. The global pandemic has revealed cracks in our society, in the dominant structures we uphold, such as deep social inequalities, an unjust & unhealthy relationship with the natural world, and an unsustainable economic  model. Translated into English, "desde las grietas" means "From the Cracks" referring to the purpose of this podcast: to tell stories of resistence and resilience from these cracks, with the hope of planting seeds that will grow towards the creation of a better and more just world.
We will come out with a new episode each month. Each episode is a mix of dialogue, interviews, and storytelling around a specific theme. We have decided to do the podcast in Spanish to be able to share stories from communities here in Ecuador.



Historias de resistencia en la pandemia

In "Stories of Resistance in the Pandemic" we explore quarantine from the cracks! We will discuss why we consider stories to be a powerful tool for changing our reality and our world, for healing, and for seeking justice. We will talk to Maria Llulluna, a farmer from the rural community of Valencia, and Javier Cevallos Perugachi, an artist and storyteller from Quito, for two different perspectives ("stories") from the pandemic.


Octubre: Mes de resistencia

In "October: Month of Resistance" we commemorate the anniversary of last year's popular uprising here in Ecuador. We'll hear stories from those who were there, and explore the power of story in social justice movements & in processes of healing in their aftermath.

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