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Videos & More
Community-Based Study Abroad in Ecuador: Decolonizing Education for Collective Liberation

A great way to learn more about Rehearsing Change. This 17-minute webinar by Chelsea Viteri, one of Pachaysana's team members, and an alum of the program, Grace Logan, (a Pachaysana Fellow at the time of this video), provides a deeper dive into who Pachaysana is, how students participate in community-based programming, and what it means to be involved in decolonizing education.

Body-Territory maps and soundscapes
how we devise methodologies in our rehearsing change classes

This video was produced by Belén Noroña, our Research Coordinator and Asst Professor of Geography at Penn State University, with Shane Des Enfants, a Rehearsing Change alum who returned as a Fulbright Scholar. It shows the work that students and local community members created during our course Storytelling: Language and Movement (called "Storying and Re-Storying" for this semester). A Spanish version is also available

Breaking Barriers, Building Community
Pachaysana's experiential and arts-based methods

Rehearsing Change means what the words say: we rehearse the changes we hope to create in the world. To do so, we must work with educational methods that help us break down barriers that prohibit engaging with the "other" and that simultaneously thrust us into the building of intercultural communities. This video highlights how we blend experiential learning in nature with arts-based community-building activities. 

Sense what it feels like to live with our Amazon-based communities

Watch this video to sense some of the adventure and daily life at our Amazon-based communities.

proyecto: Red de huertas
Example of a student/Community project

In this Spanish-only video we see the final video composed by a group of students to express what they learned in our course, "Design and Evaluation of Sustainable Community Projects" with our community partners in Pintag. Using methodology called Dragon Dreaming, students created a Garden Network (Red de Huertas) that extends from Pintag to their homes in the USA.

Mixing ancestral rap and arts for social change

Watch some of our in-class creative processes while listening to a rap song that was produced between our partners at Nina Shunku and A'í-Kofán friends in Dureno. A major part of Pachaysana's work is bringing together different Ecuadorian communities to create projects.

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