Covid-19 Programming updates

Due to the global public health crisis, we are continuously re-thinking and adapting our programming to the realities in Ecuador and across the world, implementing appropriate measures for our in-person programming and expanding our virtual education programs. Please see our current online programming below, as well as our ever-developing plans for in-person study abroad programs. Visit our FAQs page for more information on how we are handling the global pandemic. 

Online programming

Mask Workshop, Theatre for Social Change, From the Cracks, Virtual Study Abroad, Pachaysana.
Re-imagining intercultural education and study abroad... online

The numerous crises we are facing have exposed cracks in our most long-standing institutions. In this online program, Pachaysana converts the cracks into opportunities for planting seeds of change. Our faculty is joined by community-based educators from Ecuador to co-teach two courses in English, using participatory methods to inspire a new way of doing online education, a way that is born from the cracks. Our college and university partners can contract an entire course solely for their institution or open the courses up for direct student enrollment. Learn more by opening this brochure or reading testimonials. (Spanish courses available upon request.)

creating spaces for collective unlearning and dreaming

Pachaysana offers a series of workshops and webinars that can complement ongoing course instruction (we have worked with departments of Geography, Latin American Studies, Indigenous/Native American Studies, Theatre, Arts Administration, Education, Anthropology, Dance, and more), assist in program or campus community development (e.g. an effort to decolonize community engagement practices, or to strengthen a student-led club) or as faculty development seminars (we combine themes/methodologies into an unlearning series). Read about our most popular offerings (Identity and Pacha, Storytelling for Social Change and Epistemic Justice), each one that can be done as a dynamic webinar, an interactive workshop or a combination of botrh. We work closely with the contracting institution to tailor each offering to their diverse needs. Please inquire for prices and more information and read testimonials

Pachaysana Online Family, Unlearning Workshops, Virtual Webinars, Rehearsing Change

In-Country programming

Rehearsing Change: Semester-Long Study Abroad
Adapting our study abroad Model to the new reality
Rehearsing Change, Decolonizing Education, Decolonial Pedagogy, Fair Trade, Community Based
Rehearsing Change, Decolonizing Education, Decolonial Pedagogy, Fair Trade, Community Based

We carefully designed a "pod-based" in-person experience that provided a safe experience for students and local participants. Students and local counterparts formed pods and studied our courses together in modules at local eco-villages in the Ecuadorian Coast, Highlands and Amazon regions. Following a carefully crafted plan of Covid protocols and thanks to Ecuador's excellent vaccination campaign, we are happy to report that the semester concluded without any Covid cases. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see stories and images from the semester!


We are pleased to announce the Operational Plan for the Spring 2022 semester. With widespread vaccine availability in Ecuador and a very successful Fall 2021 (completely Covid-free in our cohort and partner communities), we will be returning to the community-based components of our programming. The Spring will operate according to a Module-based calendar with extended stays in our community partners. Applications are now closed but we will soon be accepting applications for the 2022-23 school year.

Please visit our FAQs page for more information
short-term programming
Adapting our study abroad Model to the new reality
Embracing Fair Trade and Decolonial Education, Short-Term, Customized Programs, Ecuador

We are now planning short-term programs for 2022 and 2023! As with our semester-long program, protocols will be put in place to ensure the health and well-being of all involved. Please click here or inquire for more information on working with us to plan a short-term program.